Cancellation Policies

The buyer can return the goods within two weeks without explanation.
The fixed period begins with receipt of these instructions in written form (as a letter, fax or e-mail), but not before the buyer receives the goods and not before the completion of the duty to inform the buyer according to 246 § 2 i.V.m. § 1 Abs.1 und 2 EGBGB . The buyer can declare a return with a return request in written form (e.g. Letter, Fax, Email) or with the return oft he goods.

The return of goods or return requisition is to be sent to:

holyGhost GmbH
Schornstrasse 8
81669 München
Tel.: +49 (0)89 889 809 22
Fax.: +49 (0)89 889 805 57

In the event of a valid and effective return, the performance received by either party must be returned and any benefits derived must be released.

You are required to compensate us for any loss in value if the goods are returned in a deteriorated state and for any benefits derived (such as advantages derived from usage) which cannot be returned at all or in part or can only be returned in a deteriorated state.

You are required for compensate us for any loss in value for deteriorated goods or benefits derived only to the extent that such benefits or deterioration are due to any handling of the goods extending beyond an inspection of their qualities and functions. “Inspection for qualities and functions” shall mean the testing and trial of the goods, as is possible and common in, for example, a store. Any obligations to refund payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. For you, this time limit starts upon dispatch of the returns or return request, and for us, upon their receipt.

Shipping Rates

All items will be shipped via UPS

Inside Germany:
8,50 Euro Germany
Shipping term: 1-3 days

Outside Germany:

12,50 Euro

Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands

9,00 Euro
Andorra, Austria, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland

50,00 Euro

Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, USA

30,00 Euro

Canada, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

35,00 Euro

Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Malta

40,00 Euro

Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Hong Kong, Croatia, Israel, Japan, Korea South, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Ukraine

Shipping term: 3-5 days

You will receive a confirmation email after shipping. If you are registrated you can check your UPS tracking code in your personal account.