“Everything we do, aims at highlighting the strong and self-confident side of a woman and her individual character.”

holyGhost aims to create unconventional and contemporary – yet accessible – Ready-to-wear Fashion for the life-embracing modern day protagonists, embellished with a caleidoscope of relaxed  elegance, alluringly feminine styles and subtly striking patterns. A grown up German brand designed by women for women. 

The story of holyGhost is first of all the story of a long-lasting friendship between the founders Sedina Halilovic and Jelena Hofmann. Ever since their early high school years they have been sisters at heart, united by their Balkan origins and by their way of perceiving life. “We always knew we wanted to create something together, associate with the person you best know and trust in your life. This is what made the most sense to us” Jelena explains. It is this strong idea of being able to decide a 100% about your own acts, that leads the two young women to found the brand holyGhost in 2010. The label is founded straight after their studies. In the very beginning the two young girls work out of Jelena’s Parents’ attic at night, a transitional atelier at weekends, while working in their day jobs. Formed by this adventure full of important experiences, the matured founders now take their young label to the professional level of an international fashion brand.

Jelena and Sedina, modern mothers and self-made women, have grown through life’s challenges. Being formed by good and bad times, the two came out stronger characters and designers in the process. Today, they run a modern company that counts a team of 9 female employees. As Sedina reveals: “holyGhost is for women who like to be noticed in a subtly striking way. The brand is synonymous with relaxed elegance and an alluringly feminine style.  Everything we do, aims at highlighting the strong and self-confident side of a woman and her individual character.” Their signature looks manifest themselves through classic ease, flowing materials and refined details. Key products are accessible coats, dresses, overalls and blouses. In their designs, they like to play with contrasts: opposing masculine and feminine styles, shiny and matte materials, loose and tight garments, they create pieces that are both directional and wearable, being layered or worn as single items. Every holyGhost product is especially conceived to become a love-piece, adaptable throughout the day of the busy strong willed woman, never feeling underdressed, always being at ease. 

„Everything can be inspiring around you, as long as you keep your heart and your eyes open“

Italy, the mother of high quality fabrics, is where the two designers look for the beautiful materials for their collections. The collection pieces are produced in nearby European factories, which guarantees a close overview of the development process and makes the quality control much easier, thus keeping their design from Germany truly European. „For us, sustainability starts with the design. Rather than focusing on trends, we aim to create love-pieces with a long lifetime,“ Jelena explains. But this is not just about responding to the «slowfashion» movement. It is a mentality that involves thinking about provenance and quality, giving the customers the chance to buy something that is fully followed up internally, sustainable and at the same time supporting european craftmenship. 

When being asked about their source of inspiration, Jelena declares „Everything can be inspiring around you, as long as you keep your heart and your eyes open.“ Sedina adds a quote by Chris Niemann: „Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just get up and go to work.“ to remind the essential down to earth and humble mission of holyGhost. However, Jelena and Sedina live for respectful deep relationships and extraordinary friendships, always being open for every kind of exchange or input. The passion they feel is their fuel to make holyGhost great. In October 2016 the first own holyGhost Flagshipstore opens its doors to the customers in Munich’s City Center. Sedina and Jelena take the first step to being completely free and independent in how their creations should be enacted and in which kind of universe the holyGhost woman should enter when shopping holyGhost. Focussed future projects will be looking into further own Flagshipstores openings on the one hand, and  expanding the business network of exclusive retailers on an international level on the other. A brand that is passionate, built upon strong positive values with a clear target audience and a transparent vision; a brand that is approachable, real and honest about what it is and what it wants to achieve in the fashion industry.

Bold. Wild. Wonderful.

Interview and Copy by MdeuxS